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Thank you for Investing in our Back to School Project! Because of your Generosity, our Girls are now closer to achieving their DREAMS!

We Support GOAL 4: QUALITY Education for our Girls

 2018 Back to School Supplies Project Currently Ongoing... We will be providing supplies on an ongoing basis all year round...

Our Kenyan Girls have had a ROUGH year indeed But STILL they managed to TOP the nation this year. Congratulations!!!! 

Please read the inspiring story of Kakamega girl Goldalyn Kakuya tops in KCPE with 455 marks!!!  Click here to read More 

It is no secret that our country  KENYA has been through A LOT to say the least. Many families have lost their parents, children, relatives and the list keeps growing everyday.  Our children are very discouraged and we would like to help make their learning experience a little bit stress free. Today we Invite you to support our children by helping us provide them with school supplies for 2018. If you would like to to get more information about the project kindly drop us an email at

If you are based in Kenya, kindly contact the GENESIS womens group by calling + 254 0720929853 for more details on how you can help and where to drop of your donations. Please understand that we do not donate to individual families. ALL donations and supplies are provided via selected schools.

Thank you to all the wonderful and generous people who have supported our GIRLS so please continue to do so...  The letters are coming everybody  who is still waiting I know the excitement!!! Please remember our beautiful girls are EXTREMELY busy they have very long working days and work very hard both in school and at home. For this reason we kindly request you to please be patient and give them some time to put together their Thank You letters which are coming straight from the heart.

Much Love !!

GWSE Family and Friends


Brief Update on Sanitary Products

Underage girls in Kenya getting pads for sex.. What can you do about it?

The Kenyan government promised to get take lead and get involved to address the issue of lack of pads by signing free sanitary pads into law.  Currently the situation has not been resolved and our girls are now been driven into prostitution in order to buy sanitary towels. These girls, mostly living in low income families face so many challenges, TOO many for a young girl!! These challenges lead to an increased drop out rate, reduced grades, early marriages, prostitution, eventually teenage pregnancies , diseases and many other issues. These young girls are so vulnerable that they end up getting into some very complex situations which lead to many forms of exploitation from their male counterparts just to be able to buy pads. They usually get exploited sexually before the men buy them sanitary towels and other basic needs. Women’s rights are human rights!!! We can’t say this enough. LET US NOT FAIL our girls!!! Read more…‘I had sex to pay for sanitary pads’

Kenyan Government promises to provide free pads to ensure that all school girls have access to FREE sanitary pads. Will they keep their promise this TIME around?

Kenyan government takes the lead on gender equality, by signing free sanitary pads into law. This is great news for many girls who had to use whatever they could during their menstrual cycle. Thanks to this new LAW these girls will no longer have to use many of the dehumanising and degrading products they have been forced to use for so long. For now its the wait and see game. We now have to wait and see WHEN and HOW this will take place. In the meantime, in between time please continue to support our girls. For more information on how to can help kindly email or call call + 254 0720929853. To Read more on this story visit

 Let’s talk about Menstruation (Yes, you read it right)

In this article we bust the myths about periods, and address the very real issues faced by millions of women around the world every month.The menstrual cycle is “the cycle of physiological changes from the beginning of one menstrual period to the beginning of the next” (Merriam-Webster). The cycle is initiated by the ovulation (the ovaries release an egg) an ends by menstruation (in case of non pregnancy). The menstrual cycle is an as natural part of a woman’s life as eating and sleeping, but represents a perpetual struggle for most women.

Read More..Reusable-vs-Disposable-Pads-Draft-1.pdf




Thank you for Investing in our STEAM Club. Your Generous Contribution will help provide Quality Education for our Amazing Girls!

Educate HeR

GWSE girls are encouraged to participate in STEAM subjects and personal development programs that are dedicated to empowering school age girls from all walks of life to become independent, confident women.

Who? Young girls ages upto 18yrs.

Where? Low income and or marginalized communities

How? STEAM activities and mentorship




STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. It is an acronym that was developed to address the present and future shortage of skilled workers in high tech fields.  

We believe that by engaging more girls in STEAM subjects, we will further develop a sort of critical thinking.  We also include the arts in our STEM club as most of our girls connect with liberal arts like music, drama, dance and art.

We identified significant differences in how girls and boys react to STEM, their learning styles and realized that what appeals to the boys doesn't necessarily appeal to the girls. Therefore we decided to include the arts in order to incorporate their talents and take advantage of their interests by integrating the visual arts into the club activities to create STEAM. By doing so we create a positive environment of learning.

STEAM can change perceptions and beliefs about gender gaps in mathematics and science fields. Schools should cultivate girl’s achievement and interest in science and engineering and design curriculum that provides an environment of learning.

We strive to bridge the gap of the inadequate education of students mostly girls in these areas through our STEAM Clubs, and see this a field that is relevant in development that can improve their problem solving skills, especially in undeserved communities.

Why do Girls Need STEAM?

We believe that EDUCATION is a human right and no child should be excluded from pursuing their dreams.

Currently most of our Girls are from low income families who have very limited resources and education is a luxury. They are faced with several obstacles on a daily basis that affects their school attendance and overall academic performance. We believe that a STEAM club can bridge that gap and boost their performance and confidence. Listen to Interview on why STEAM matters


Every child every GIRL should have the opportunity to attend school and receive quality education regardless of their background or income level. 

If you would like to sponsor one of our girls education or support our STEM clubs kindly contact us for more information.


Why does STEAM matter?

In our observation there is an immense imbalance is STEAM related fields, even in countries where women are over 50% of the population. So if half the population does not engage in shaping their future then we will continue to have an imbalance and their ideas will never see the day of light. So why does STEM matter?

  • Currently most girls feel less capable  in these fields and are encouraged to pursue other fields, partly due to stereotyping and cultural expectations.
  • Careers in STEAM have the tendency to offer more opportunities and pay higher which can play a role in getting the families out of poverty

If you would like to sponsor one of our girls education or support our STEM clubs kindly contact us for more information. Please feel free to drop us an E-mail: for further information.






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