WHY SocEnt?

GWSE Seeks to support and encourage women in underserved communities to embrace social entrepreneurship( SocEnt) to the fullest to build stronger communities and empowering women to take on income-generating activities as a practical solution for wealth creation. We want to EmpowerHer!

Women need Socio-Economic Empowerment!



Social Entrepreneurship Development

We encourage and support our SocEnt women to use the available opportunities, resources, and skills to gain meaningful work, increase their income, and have a social impact in their communities through the following:

  1. SocEnt  and StartUp Projects for SMEs
  2. SocEnt Mentoring
  3. Young ChangeMakers and Young Women's Social Impact Program (YSIMP)

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Empower yourself First!

 It is imperative that you take the necessary steps to work on yourself and get to know yourself before embarking on the journey of building something. This is because, from our experience, we have come to see that the women and girls who do well in our mentorship and or any other programs have already done some self-evaluation, self-care, and refceltion. They are now ready to put in the work. This book will help support you on that journey of awareness and help you, like many women and girls across the globe become more confident.

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Alexander Wich: GWSE Strategic Director

Alexander has over 25 years of international experiences in various industries. He is currently working as a Cluster Facility Manager for the biggest Nordic hotel complex in Scandinavia located in Copenhagen Denmark.

Alexander is a Confident, dedicated technology leader with career long record of promotion, stakeholder satisfaction, team-building and strategic insight with reputation for leading through ambiguity.

He has completed his FM degree at the Danish Technical University (DTU), Bachelor master in Information system at Victoria University in Wellington and holds a Hotel Management degree from Germany.

Alexander has lived and worked in many countries around the globe which certainly helped him to understand better the global impact in different regions and countries.

If you have any questions about our projects and would like to contact Alex email:


Kumar Gaurab: SocEnt Strategy and Business Development Advisor

Gaurab has over 14 years of experience in Market Research, Business Strategy Development, Business Analysis, Financial Modeling, Feasibility Studies, Project Management, he has worked on several large scale Engineering & Consulting Projects in India, Qatar, & Denmark. Currently, he is working as Senior Project Manager for Byju's, a leading market player in Edutech space.

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA-Full Time) from CBS, Denmark in Finance & Strategy, and a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) from NIT, India.

If you have any questions about our projects and would like to contact Kumar email:




Kamini: WeCare Coordinator

Founder  of Kamini Boutique, Kamini helps rural unprivileged women from the village to learn and develop their boutique skills, making them Financially Sustainable with her initiatives. Since it's inception, she has trained over 100+ women. She will not only be instrumental in setting up manufacturing plant, but also lead in scaling up WeCare Project in other cities of India.

If you have any questions about our projects and would like to contact Ruby email:






Are you the Next SocEnt Mentor or Mentee?

Our SocEnt mentoring aims to empower  women social entrepreneurs from pre-start up to those currently growing their business.  The main objective of our mentoring is to provide SocEnt skills training to women social entrepreneurs to facilitate increase their household income and socio- economic power.




Who can join?


  • Women aspiring to be social- entrepreneurs or interested in community projects
  • Have a business or community development idea for  social economic empowerment of women and girls

What we offer:

  • Business development and social entrepreneurship training to equip the women with business skills and support them in identifying potential social business opportunities.
  • Financial literacy classes and SocEnt advice

If you would like to sponsor our women's EDP Mentorship kindly contact us for more information or  e-mail us at or click here to support our work

Join our Young Changemakers Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program aims to empower young women who are passionate about the empowerment of women and girls.  The main objective of our mentoring is to provide skills training to young women who are changemakers and working towards developing their communities.



Who can join?

Requirements for Mentees

  • Young women aspiring to be social- entrepreneurs or interested in community projects
  • Social Impact  or community development idea for  social-economic empowerment of women and girls
  • Ages 21-30 years
  • Speak English or French

Requirements for Mentors

  • Seasoned social- entrepreneurs and career  women who would like to uplift their younger sisters
  • Independent, professional, and self-driven women
  • Passionate about SocEnt, gender-based violence, socio-economic empowerment, and women's rights
  • Speak English or French

E-mail:  to get more information on how to join the program.

What we offer:

  • Social entrepreneurship training to equip young women with personal and professional skills and support them in identifying potential social business opportunities.
  • Project development

If you would like to become a mentor email: . If you have any questions kindly contact us for more information

or  click here to support our work


Contact us to find out how to get involved!



Women Globally are the primary food producers and occupy a unique place in the food and agriculture system. We need your support.
Thank you for Investing in the Future of our Women and their Families!