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Let us be mindful when we shop and stay away from plastic as much as we can. We are doing our part and now have some beautiful Tote Bags for you.

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Kiva Lending Team: Sisterhood Smarts

If you would like to help a woman directly with her SME, join the Sisterhood Smarts team on KIVA  to lend them a hand.

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Social Entrepreneurship is Key to Women's Economic Empowerment! 

Being one of our woman social entrepreneurs means to be a change-maker who works to change disadvantages into opportunities for community development.

If you have any questions about our SocEnt women's services and products, please feel free to contact us. directly here or send us an e-mail at


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A guaranteed path to living a confident life! No shortcuts:)

This book is a celebration of YOU. It has simple and practical tools that can help you become more confident. It will open up parts of yourself that even you did not know existed. Here are 15 ways to become more confident. It also includes a workbook that can guide you through your journey, you can also integrate these activities into your daily routines and achieve your main objectives and life goals.

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