Do your Citrus Fruits have SEEDS? If not time to find some that do…

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Do your Citrus fruits have any seeds in them? If not find some that do. We enjoy the sweet tasty seedless grapes, oranges and grapefruits but one easy way to help you now that you have FRUIT is to check for seeds. Seeds are a rich source fiber as well as NUTRIENTS such as essential oils, vitamins and minerals and are basically what we are trying to get from eating fruit. So when you eat FRUITS without seeds then you miss out on these incredible benefits.

It is increasingly becoming rare to find fruits with seeds and some of the reasons are linked to the growing and farming process. Fruits become seedless through a process known as parthenocarp which can occur naturally or through a mutation. Parthenocarp is a process where fruits are grown without fertilization. Here is a pretty simple link that gives you a basic understanding of how seedless fruits come about. Read here to find out more:


As the HuffingtonPost so well put it “Seeds contain the book of life. They have all of the genetic information necessary to create a new life. Thus, they contain various constituents that ensure their survival in nature. These powerful constituents have fantastic benefits for us when we consume them”

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