Effective Communication

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One size does not fit all! Making sure communication takes place is very tough because the main problem faced when communicating is the assumption that it has taken place leading to misunderstanding, ambiguities and misconceptions which often lead to a break-down in communication.

When communicating keep in mind your target audience and avoid the one size fits all mindset at all costs. Why you might ask? People are different, they have different up-bringing, cultures, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

It is for these reasons that you should KNOW your audience and your message should be tailored to fit the audience/group.  What can you do? Listen! Learn your audience and how the culture best receives communication, use different forms of communication to demonstrate understanding of their diverse needs and communicate your message effectively. Effective communication can make or break your product or organization, perhaps it could be essential to re-evaluate how you can improve the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

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