What do you do when nature doesn’t wonna play along?

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What do you do when nature just simply won’t play along? Stay at it, don’t quit.  We experienced true nature doing its thing nature style.

These are three farms all within very close proximity to each other.  They all have the same soil type, experienced the same drought and same climate changes, only thing different are the seeds and the fertiliser used by these farmers. What a difference!

But we did something, yes, we did not simply throw our hands up and say oh well next season, no we decided to prepare the land again, get new fresh seeds and fertilizer of course this time better ones and get to work planting or rather re-planting:o)  and immediate we were done  what do you know RAIN!!! and more RAIN just what the farm needed:o) So if you are farmer nr 3, you can’t control nature but you can do something differently. Whatever you decide to do, as painful and costly as it can be to re-do the whole farm, its not as costly as doing nothing. So do your part and wait and see GREAT things happen!!  Have a great day farming and enjoying natures lessons. No matter what NEVERQUIT!

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