UN Global Compact Event: Uniting Business Africa

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Uniting Business AFRICA at COP27

Organized by the United Nations Global Compact in collaboration with our Global Compact Local Networks in Africa, Uniting Business AFRICA is a three-hour forum that will bring together local and global leaders from business, civil society, Government, Global Compact Local Networks and the United Nations. The event aims to inform and inspire the private sector to accelerate and support climate change initiatives across the African continent.

Africa is warming faster than the rest of the world on average and while Africa has contributed negligibly to climate change, the continent is the most vulnerable to its effects. Increasing temperatures and sea levels and changing weather patterns are threatening human health, food and water security and socio-economic development in Africa. Now is the time for business leaders of companies of all sizes, in all sectors and in every geographic location to engage more closely to share knowledge and explore climate change adaptation and mitigation actions and strategies.

Uniting Business AFRICA will address the challenges, successes, and next steps towards implementing green supply chain policies and practice, the importance of food security and adaptation for the region, and renewable energy access and climate resilience.

Happening now: All well wishers of African Development welcome!! Click here to join us

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