Underage girls in Kenya are forced to offer sexual favours in exchange for pads

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SEX for PADS has got to STOP!!!

The Kenyan government promised to get take lead and get involved to address the issue of lack of pads by signing free sanitary pads into law.  Currently the situation has not been resolved and our girls are now been driven into prostitution in order to buy sanitary towels. These girls, mostly living in low income families face so many challenges, TOO many for a young girl!! These challenges lead to an increased drop out rate, reduced grades, early marriages, prostitution, eventually teenage pregnancies , diseases and many other issues. These young girls are so vulnerable that they end up getting into some very complex situations which lead to many forms of exploitation from their male counterparts just to be able to buy pads. They usually get exploited sexually before the men buy them sanitary towels and other basic needs. Women’s rights are human rights!!! We can’t say this enough. LET US NOT FAIL our girls!!! Read more…‘I had sex to pay for sanitary pads’

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